Strawberry Mug

I work tonight but

This morning I'm free.

I'm my truest self; home

Napping, drinking matcha tea

From my strawberry mug

That reminds me of my

Vietnam Veteran uncle who

Passed away last June.


I'm my truest self; uncombed hair

And uncut nails, I'll fix it before

I head out. 

I want the weekend

To move like honey—I start a new

Job on Monday. I'm excited but

I still want to bask in my free time,

Remembering little things about

The past and becoming sad, then

Needing to remind myself that

I'm moving in a direction full

Of bright lights and maybe they'll

Blind me but maybe I'll be okay.

Like always. 

No matter the distraction, 

I still work tonight,

So I should take my freedom

And savor it like the green tea

In my strawberry mug that holds

Tears as well as reminders.