Stink Bug

Melancholy Time

Daylight to Nightfall

Mossy Stepping Stones

A Cup That Is Empty




What Flavors Rise

Smudged Truths

After Snowfall

A Blemish Known

I'll Never Know

Sickness and Sloth

Quiet Popping


Red Sky

Little Suns

Rose of Jericho

Stalk of Wheat

Courage with Time

The Dreamer

Be Kind

Unbearably Frigid

Home Upon the Rippled Mirror

Able to Breathe

Beyond the Cover

Pain of Consciousness

Chain-link Fence

Breathe the Buzzing

New Self

Sound Soaked Up

This Painted Day

Just Outside

A Weekend of Snowfall

Ready to Rest

Underneath a Twisting Tree

Home as We'd Hoped For

The Heat of Shower Water