It's Hugging Me Tightly

I carry stress around.

It leans on me for nourishment,

Day in and day out.

It sings thunder in my ears and heart

When I want to sleep,

Of every little moment that

Gave it strength whatever way.

It angers me when

I drop a glass in the sink,

It calls me names.

At least it wasn’t on the floor

But it makes me cry.

It’s wrapped around my neck

And pokes me in the back.

It laughs when my bones ache.

I don’t know how to pry it from me.

I breath deeply, in and out,

But it squirms its way into place.

It loves to thrive

But I want it dead.

It wants me dead, it lets me know.

One day I hope I wake and it’s

Not hugging me so tightly.

Sometimes it leaves for a while

And my hope for it to never return

Reels it back.