As Carefree as a Toad

A frog hopped on the gravel path.

I wondered where he would go.

So small, I barely caught a glimpse,

A friend no bigger than a pinecone.

To home he went, that's what I thought,

Before being caught in splashing rain.

No worries in his life, unlike myself,

A little life without much pain.

Dewdrop drinks and autumn air,

A grassy sweetness in the dark.

Shelter under toadstool hearth,

That's what sets us apart.

But here I am thinking

Of a cottagecore type of frog.

One that sips on tea instead of

Living in the bog.

But that's what makes him happy,

He has a nature of his own,

And I long for living daydreams

Where I'm as carefree as a toad.