Lake of Northern Lights

I was driving in a downpour the other night.

Cold rain, in cold temperatures, on the verge

Of becoming snow.

The headlights of the oncoming cars

Were screaming. Like fireflies

Getting too close to me,

Flirting too close with my strained eyes.

Damn those LEDs!

Astigmatism sets a true challenge;

Encouraging lights to shoot off beams

With halos emitting from the source.

And those rays of light bounce.

Those light rays bounce off the rain,

Off of pretty shiny cars,

Off of the wet ground that reflects

The darkness of night.

And I feel like I’m driving on a lake

With the northern lights below

The car tires.

The road seems to disappear

And the car, and myself,

Cautiously float off onto this

Lake of northern lights.

And all I can do is be alert and

Safely glide home.