Rough Night

Freezing rain.

Pouring down.


The scorching earth.

Sending steam,

Rolling along the ground,

Through the grass.


Wildflowers that peek

Through the sidewalk.

My brow tightens,

As I quickly paced.

My breath, shaky.

Longing to retire

After a never ending day.

Sun setting, as always,

Leaving me without

An ounce,

Of daylight.


on top of nightfall.

A perfect mix,

To send me home.

Shoes soaked,

Hair matted.



Pressing on,

Like the wildflowers

Blooming strong,

In the concrete.

Met with warmth,

At my front door.

Kicking off my

Ruined sneakers.

A fresh change of clothes,

Waiting for me, prepared.

Alone, at my writing desk.

With only the light

From my lamp

To keep me company.

The sound of thunder,

Rumbles through

The dark.

Pen to paper,

Energy lacking.

Just the roar of thunder,

In my head.

And the looming thought

Of tomorrow.

Having to do it