Hallway Starlight

Starlight twinkles down the hall.

He is left mesmerized with a churning stomach.

Starlight. Like eyes that see every wrongdoing.

He has made mistakes but not like this.

And a reminder stands firm down the hallway,

Towering. It fills the stained doorframe,

Looking at the deep stains, still splattered fresh.

It stares and in fluidity, it turns to him.

Revenge awaits him down the hall,

Awaits a damned soul, a troubled man.

It stands there protecting her,

Protecting an empty vessel once filled.

Her head, nicked on the doorframe.

Stains. Those rosy stains. Her stains,

On the doorframe and in her hair.

Pooling on the hardwood floor.

He’ll never get out this puddled reminder.

And those starlight eyes beckon to him.

Would it be better to make a call

And go with cold and blaring police sirens?

Or should he go with the starlight eyes?

Those twinkling eyes tell him

That he has no choice. It has chosen.