Hidden in the Bog

It’s taking hold,

Oh so cold,

And frightening in the fog.

So thick this early morning,

In a sudden hidden bog.

Where am I?

So turned around,

I’m missing brightened days.

I have yet to wholly realize

The depth of this murky maze.

Before my bewildered eyes,

Clouds, inches from my nose,

Hazy air so suffocating.

I’m where no one knows.

I’m missing, oh, I’m missing.

I won’t be found at all.

No idea where I am in the slightest,

Behind these milky walls.

I’m trapped, oh, I’m trapped.

Panic setting in.

The fog enters my heart,

Time stopped once within.

My face won’t meet the sunlight,

The warmth, a memory departed.

My bones will remain,

In this hidden bog, eternally uncharted.