The Lunar Man

There was a piano at a Sunday street fair.

And then a smiling bright old man,

Who pulled up a wooden chair.

Then he began to play a bubbly

Cheerful song.

It went on for a while,

It went on for so long!

But even so, the children gathered,

And listened to him play.

They stayed when the sun was blocked

With thick clouds of gray.

The man continued playing and,

The song pushed back the rain.

You could see the droplets start

And then begin to wane.

The milky sky turned back to blue,

It was a sight to see.

Music continued to echo through

The crowd filled with glee.

When finally after hours of the old man,

Playing his wonderous tune,

He got up from his chair and floated,

Walking to the moon!

Everyone watched as he skipped

Up to outer space.

They say on the moon’s surface,

You can see the old man’s face.