Sea Witch

Eyeing from afar, across a raging sea,

Enveloped in dark water, she faintly smiles at me.

A song wafts on the air, salty and echoes deep,

Beautifully dreadful, a voice so pale, rocking me to sleep.

Breaths leave my tired lungs, inhales won’t return,

I fear she pulled me overboard, my chest, I feel it burn.

Nothing is around me, only chills of suspended space.

Sinking down to the depths, there’s her hair like flowing lace.

Dragged by the hand, her grip, soft yet utterly stern.

She’ll be my untimely end, yet why must I still yearn?

Her eyes, glow silver, song still muttered,

Reaching my muffled ears,

Fade away, with only her warmth,

I remember my many years.