Black Stone Shore

In a sea of green, the fog dense,

Tidal waters hurl overhead, crashing

Into the misshapen rocks along

The black stone shore.

And from the milky fog emerges

Something otherworldly.

A hurried pace of footsteps

Imprint on the sable beach.

Wailing out lamented cries.

Long matted locks, decorated

With kelp and embellished with

Bits of broken sea glass.

Sorrowful eyes that bleed

For someone lost to the

Wild seafaring way.

With nothing more to keep

Her strong, the end was written

On the shore, as she dragged

Her pain and let it sink her down

Past the briny foam.

Countless years, on and on,

She appears from the water,

Hoping her love has returned.

Although her love never does.

And with a burdened heart,

She returns to the murky

Ocean deep. And waits.